Hello everyone!
I am an esthetician of training and I wish to pass the contest to become nurse!
I present myself in 2 different ifsi and I also spend the help help caring say … in case I fail ..

I started last June in the middle of paramedical replacement ASH within an ehpad, since September, I am a full-time assistant of life with a gentleman polyhandicapé ..
I am also a beautician volunteer at the prison for women in my city, I participate in self-esteeming workshops with women detainees!

I wish to present my motivations in this form:

esthetician for many years
-Need to "treat differently"
-discover the profession of socio-beautician but little valued and little recognized for the moment
-possibility for me as an IDE to provide aesthetic care in addition to traditional nursing care (dermopigmentation eyebrows for patients after chemo and help in the choice of wigs, makeup, scarf, breast prosthesis case of ablation, makeup / camouflage classes for the big burns, care of the anorexic patients, bulimic, workshops in ehpad … in short, the possibilities are quite vast and very interesting

what questions "pitfalls" do you think the jury can ask me? (especially in oral care aide that I spend just to "ensure my back" and not lose a year, I will retry the competition the following year ..)

I thank you for your possible advice and comments

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if you do not know how to answer this question … it's not even worth the competition … sorry …

Do not do it either if you plan to be as con descendant with your patients, your colleagues, and future trainees to supervise.

Already, out of curiosity (and it will be well seen to place in oral):

- read an item sheet IDE and another for an AS,
- to interview some people IDE and AS if you have some in your entourage
- read the proper role and role on prescription of FDI

@ mamanlecia : it is an undeniable asset because it will allow you to have a professional look at the concept of dignity of the patient or resident. But be careful not to let yourself dry on the fact that a care team is basically a multidisciplinary team and that you will be AS / IDE, and not beautician (by the way, as you said, some services work in concert with beauticians already, or tattooers for mastectomies in particular). Everyone has their place, and your beautician's baggage is likely to stop at the board or put in relationship when you have only 7 or 12 hours to complete a plannif care that would require 9 or 14 hours of work .

Why nurse?

There, the list can be long, I'll put a part of mine, basically my motives are:

* To help others
* To feel useful There are sub trades, or useless trades?
* Because we have the initiative of some care (own role as the toilet) An AS leaves on break and sees a patient vomiting on it while the IDE is busy for a good 30 minutes with another patient. The AS will not take any initiative, especially in terms of toilet?
* Because there is technical care (like bites). And why injections? Avoid using the word "sting", you're not an xD mosquito
* Because it's a job that combines a human dimension with a technical dimension.
* For the diversity of services.
* Because we can specialize after if we want. or if we can, or if we can fit
* For team work.
* Because it's a dynamic job and I do not like sitting all day. When you're in hospital, or maintenance, we spend a good part of his day sitting (e), it is not that it is not dynamic.
* Because I prefer to give than to receive. You risk getting caught on the notion of fair distance, over-empathy or defense mechanisms of the caregiver. The time of the IDE sisters, it's over. And then, you do not like to receive? at all ?
* Because schedules change often and it suits me because I do not like the routine. Not necessarily true for certain positions (SSIAD, UCSA, psy …) or positions (IAD …) You will refuse these courses during your studies?
* Because it is a job where there is not too much unemployment and after training, it is frustrating if you are often unemployed. Some regions hire (PACA, Aquitaine for example), others much less (Brittany). A significant portion of DE youths accumulate two halves or have only part time to start. Be careful not to fall into the cliche of the job eldorado. France lacks FDI, but it is not that a service in the mouise will hire the missing staff.
* Because depending on the service the patients are different. In pneumo, are the patients all the same? The pathologies may be different, but regardless of the service or institution, each patient is unique, both in the components of his person and those of his or her pathologies
* Because it's a job where you often question yourself.

You will understand, the goal is not to skyrocket your motivations, but to show you what the jury is able to ask you or point out if they want to tickle you a little.

Thank you for what I expected because the juries are always aggressive with me.

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Answer to the question '' Why do you want to become a nurse? ''
Honestly it's not a child's dream even though in my family the medical community was ubiquitous, and that's probably why I did not care more about it than that. As a teenager all you want is you assert, show what you are capable of, so for me out of the question to do the same as my older sister who is a nurse or my mother who is a caregiver, I do not I did not even think about it. With a bachelor's degree and a talent in the social sciences, I knew I wanted a job where I was in constant contact with people, so I thought about business. Then I found myself in a delicate financial situation, that's why I made the choice of alternation. I started a bts Assistant manager in professionalization contract in January 2012. From the beginning I had trouble getting used to it, sitting all day for an active like me was not easy, and I did not imagine the thing like that at all! The only contact I had was with email or phone. And again it was purely commercial contacts! I felt useless, especially since the courses did not interest me at all! So I let go weeks and months because I did not want to go for the girl who does not go after these projects. Then I understood! What I wanted was contact, but contact with people in need, not people who come to buy a product! I understood this because when I was on the phone with the few nice people, I was not trying to sell a product or defend my company, but I was interested in them, especially their health. I have always been interested in medical because it was often the subject of conversation at the meal, but I did not realize that in the end it pleased me enormously! After thinking well I left my job and therefore my training in August 2012, because I did not want to continue something that I did not like and I did not care. I had the click, what I wanted is to treat people! And so after that I tried to work in hospitals, because I did not see myself either, to do the competition of inf without having been really in the hospital world. I worked for 6 weeks as an assistant in a cardio department, and that only reinforced my desire to pass the contest! I have not only discovered how useful ash is (and yes the disinfection of floors and beds are essential!), But as the ace and inf knew that I wanted to pass the contest, they explained me the exams that we were doing cardiology, why do we do them .. One of my favorite moments of the day was when I brought the meals to the patients, helping the people to settle in or have the meal and see the thank you in their eyes. Why the inf job especially? Because they exercise and body care, and more technical care, and in addition to caring for the body, it is a job that heals the soul. I think in today's world it's good to have someone you trust to entrust your body to and to confide in.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to read. I wrote it spontaneously, but you can tell me what you think.

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thank you for this subject! It is very enriching!

I have trouble expressing why this desire to become a nurse, for now the first idea that comes to me is that I want to be useful, help people but every time I have the return of baton lol
so I must try to reformulate that!

and all your ideas are the ones I can not explain!

I admit that I am a person rather sweet that one sometimes has the impression of a fragility but I know me that when necessary I know perfectly react and be strong! and I think that studies would help me to appear less gentle, less fragile.
And I like to learn.
I too the secretariat is a little sterile side of a relationship for profit lol!
i like to make myself useful, help people as well as i can help and be satisfied with that …..
Would I do this for a bad caregiver?
I know that you have to know how to behave and keep a certain emotional distance but I think ifsi learns that. But at the base you still need to have heart if not how to help, accompany the sick if you are a real ice cube?

I admit that I will make a preparation and that will help me I hope to express it better !!

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