Why I Want To Be A Nurse?

Hello everyone! I am an esthetician of training and I wish to pass the contest to become nurse! I present myself in 2 different ifsi and I also spend the help help caring say … in case I fail .. I started last June in the middle of paramedical replacement ASH within an ehpad, since September, I am a full-time assistant of life with a gentleman polyhandicap√© .. I am also a beautician volunteer at the prison for women in my city, I participate in self-esteeming workshops with women detainees!

What To Do In Denver?

September 10, 2014. I do not like to end road trips by a big city - but that's where the airports are . Big city = return to reality, far from nature and wide open spaces. In addition, when it's the first time I land in a place, well I'm lost - what do we do, where do we go, do we go to a museum? do we sit in a cafe all day, but if we do that, we do not see the city, maybe we'll never come back, have to enjoy!